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What Types of Families Does Strike School Serve?

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Parents and guardians, enrollment for the 2023-2024 Strike School year is officially open! We offer various flexible options for Grades K-12. Click HERE to learn more! 

Strike School is a private, accredited virtual school providing flexible learning options for Grades K-12. One of our core beliefs is that every parent or guardian has the right to make their own choice regarding their child’s education so that it can align with the family’s lifestyle and values. 

We work with families from across the nation to ensure that their child gets the best possible online education at our school. 

Now, you may be wondering: What types of families do we work with?

Our answer: it varies! 

Our families come from different parts of the country and have very different lifestyles and schedules. Their reasons for enrolling their child in Strike School are unique to their own situation, so it’s hard to give one clear-cut answer. 

However, we can say that we strive to work with: 


Families Learning at Home 

Many families are now learning at home for a variety of reasons, including concerns about the quality of education in traditional schools, the desire for more flexibility in scheduling and curriculum, and the need to provide a safer and healthier learning environment for their children.

No matter the reason for switching to this type of education, we work closely with families and children who learn from home to ensure a seamless learning experience.

Our personalized and flexible learning options allow students to have an engaging and meaningful experience while learning at a pace that works for them. Depending on which option the family chooses, parents/guardians also have the option to be more involved in their child’s education with the ability to choose what subjects the child learns and parent grading. 


Military Families 

Military life is mobile in nature. These families, on average, tend to move every 2-3 years for a variety of reasons ranging from new training or education requirements to promotions to changes of duty stations. 

Having children while actively serving can be challenging, and their growth can often be a main concern when thinking about these constant changes. One main stressor: education.

Because these families move around frequently, it’s hard for these children to stay in one brick-and-mortar school, often negatively impacting their educational progress. 

So, our online options, such as Virtual Classrooms and Homeschool HELP, provide the consistency and stability for their child’s education. Because these options are completely virtual and flexible, students can learn from anywhere they are and at any time that’s convenient for them. 


Traveling Families 

Traveling families don’t just include military families. 

They can include families with children in highly competitive activities and who compete in different places (learn about our NCAA approved courses!). Or one or more parents may travel a lot for work. 

Whatever the reason may be, a virtual education is a great option for their children! They wouldn’t have to worry about repeatedly enrolling their children in a brick-and-mortar and then pulling them out because they have to move.

Our learning plans allow these children to continue their education without having to put a pause on it (unless the family chooses too!). The educational security provided in learning online will help their children grow academically while being able to maintain their unique lifestyle.


We don’t only serve these families. We’re also here for rural families, homeschooling families, families who want to be more involved in their child’s education, and the list goes on and on. We’re here for those who want their children to succeed despite having an untraditional lifestyle. 

We believe that your child’s education should work around their schedule, not the other way around. And we’re dedicated to ensuring that our learning plans are flexible enough to accommodate your family’s unique situation. 

For more information about our plans and how we can serve you, click HERE.