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Strike School is growing! We are looking for certified teachers who hold master’s degrees and align with our mission and vision.

If, after reading all about our school, you feel you are a good fit, please apply on Indeed if we currently have a job posting listed there.

After you apply, be sure to regularly check your spam folder for communication from us if you don’t see anything in your inbox. 

If we don’t currently have an opening posted on Indeed, , please send your resume and a letter of interest to

Here is our most recent job posting:

LEARNING COACH for Strike School, an accredited, virtual school serving students nationwide. 

Teachers with homeschool experience or SpEd experience are encouraged to apply.

Most of our teachers start with part-time work, which can lead to a full-time opportunity. New teachers at Strike School are assigned students as students enroll for the upcoming school year. We take a “quality of life” approach with our staff, which means that our contractors choose the days, times, and number of hours to work, based on what works for them.

Strike School offers a nontraditional option for the education of children in grades K-12, tailored to how each student learns best. 

We offer choices for families looking for a unique learning environment that directly aligns with a student’s path.

Since our online courses are ready-to-go and customizable to state standards, Strike School can support students and families across the nation learning at home.

Our certificated teachers, who are assigned to students as Learning Coaches, can support a family in various ways!

  • Meet one, two, or three times weekly with a student/family.

  • Meet twice per week in a virtual classroom with a small group of students.

  • Support one online class.

  • Work with a parent to come up with a learning plan that surrounds the child’s interests.

  • Supply on-demand Learning Coach time for support as a family purchases time.

We believe that the foundation of a healthy community is strong, healthy family units. Having come from generations of broken families ourselves, we are painfully aware of the impact, especially when it comes to children.

We believe that as business leaders, we have the privilege to make a difference in the lives of our staff and their families, and the honor to serve children and families in their educational journeys.

We believe that every parent or guardian has the right to make their own choice, especially considering the education of a child, aligning with their own family values.

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Strike School Mission

Provide a variety of solutions for K-12 students and their families in a virtual school setting that is personal, flexible and effective.

Strike School Vision

Facilitate long term success for families with children learning in a nontraditional environment.