No. Strike School is a private, online school in Oregon, serving families across the United States.

Our school is not publicly funded, therefore, we must charge tuition to pay for expenses, such as teachers, curriculum, Chromebooks, etc.

Please view our Learning Choices. There, you will find our Family Plan for reduced tuition for families with three or more children, as well as an application for reduced tuition.

Yes! We have Learning Coaches/teachers who work during late afternoons as well as evenings and weekends.

At Strike School, it is all about choice. Your Learning Coach will work with you to choose or build the curriculum that best meets the needs of your child.

    • You may choose from the following:


    • Our robust, user friendly, accredited online learning curriculum through FlexPoint/Florida Virtual School:
        • Easy to read


        • Easy to navigate


        • Easy to understand


        • Help at every page and stage


        • “How to” including detailed instructions and video content


        • Customizable by your Learning Coach, according to your student’s individual plan




    • Curriculum you have purchased


    • A combination of the above


Your teacher/Learning Coach will work with you to develop a personalized plan for your child. This will include your choice of curriculum, or a plan to work together to develop curriculum.

Basic school supplies will get you started, but feel free to wait until your learning plan is developed before you purchase anything.

We find that most families have the technology they need for at home learning, but if you need a Chromebook, we will have you apply to Strike HOPE (501c3) to receive a donation of a Chromebook.

You and your Learning Coach will customize a plan for your child that aligns with your family values.

Yes. Let your Learning Coach know your thoughts, then our staff will take a look at making a change for you.

Yes. You will have parent/guardian access to our system to keep tabs on your child as well as guide your child in the learning process.

Yes. Here are our Learning Choices, and a Family Plan for families with three or more children.

You may choose to pay up front, or make 10 monthly payments from September through June. Here are our Learning Choices for more information.

Yes, we offer homeschooling support provided by our Learning Coaches. Please refer your state guidelines and follow their requirements.

Strike School is working with Cognia as a Candidate for Accreditation. We expect full accreditation to be awarded in June of 2022.

No. Strike School is a private, online school. Most of the learning will happen at home. Your Learning Coach will meet with you online, via Google Meet in a secure environment.