Reduced Tuition

Update March 2024: We are pleased to announce that we have been awarded a grant so that we can provide financial assistance to families in need across the country.

Reduced Tuition Scholarships: Up to $1000 in scholarship funds available per pre-K-12 student for applications received as long as funds are available. 

 24-25 school year enrollment: Beginning on 03/01/2024, we will be offering K-12 Reduced Tuition Scholarships that provide $100 off of your equal monthly payment, for any plan.

Please call or text if you have questions about applying for a tuition scholarship. 813.313.2461

If you are unable to afford full tuition, and your family’s income is below or up to 300% of these national poverty guidelines,  please fill out the application below to request reduced tuition.

We will review requests in the order received and respond to you as soon as possible. Decisions will be made based on financial need and parent/guardian availability to support a child learning at home.

All information submitted here will be kept confidential and not shared with any other parties.
24-25 Tuition Assistance Pricing