Enrollment for the 23-24 school year: OPEN

Enrollment for the 24-25 school year: OPEN

Preschool "anytime" enrollment: OPEN

Early start options will be available for July or August, as well as a regular start date in September.

Plan Options and Pricing


Here are the two steps for enrollment:
ontact our office any time for help. We are here to answer your questions. 
Call or text (816) 313-2461. 

Please complete an Enrollment Application. We just need some basic information to get your student started. Included in this application is a Personalized Learning Plan to choose your student’s classes. You will be referring to our Course Catalog for class choices.  Don’t worry, we will help you choose if you need us to.

Technology Requirements: In order to participate with Strike School, you will need internet access and a device that can connect to the internet, such as a computer, tablet or Chromebook. You will have the option to purchase a Chromebook at a reduced price for your child to use during the school year.

Once the application is received, our office will contact you right away if we have any questions.


Our office will send a payment link to your email.  You may choose to pay for the full year or choose our payment plan. 

If you are on a payment plan, we require that you automate a recurring payment, for your convenience. 

After both Step 1 and Step 2 are complete, your child’s spot at Strike School is secured!

"I love this program. Every teacher we get is great! Each one we get is better than the last. I can reach out at any time and get help and communication. I was totally scared when we started, but now I love it. It is the best thing we have ever done. We have no regrets."
Parent of a 7th Grade Student