Steps to Enroll

Strike School welcomes you to learn more about our K-12 programs. Through the enrollment process, prospective parents and students will learn about our choices and our staff will help to determine the best fit for your child’s needs.


Complete our Interest Form
Learn more by completing our Interest Form.


Talk with Us
We will contact you within two business days to answer your questions and set up a time to:

  • Meet and greet with you, via Google Meet.
  • Assess your child’s path to create a personalized learning plan.
  • Review and decide on a Learning Choice that meets your needs.


Complete our Enrollment Application
We will send you a link to our Enrollment Application to complete.


Submit a Learning Choice Payment
After your first month has been paid, and your Enrollment Application is complete, your child will be ready to begin school. Read our Learning Choice Payment Policy.


Get Connected With Your Learning Coach (teacher) 

Your Learning Coach will be assigned and you will be scheduled for your regular coaching sessions. If you have chosen our online curriculum, login access will be created and sent to you.

I love this program. Every teacher we get is great! Each one we get is better than the last. I can reach out at any time and get help and communication. I was totally scared when we started, but now I love it. It is the best thing we have ever done. We have no regrets.

- Parent of a 7th grade student