Hear From Our Students

“I like to do things on my schedule when I’m ready. It gives me more time for my horses. Because I have to create my own schedule, it makes me more motivated.” ~ 7th grade student

“I like the free rein that I can progress at my own rate (fast) and that the course shows you percent done and grade percentage.” ~ 10th grade student

“I absolutely love this school. From a happy 4th grade student.” ~ 4th grade student



Hear From Our Parents


“My family and I had an unexpected move to a different state over the summer and because of the new state not wanting to fully follow their rules on out of state transfers I couldn’t get my kindergartener into a brick and mortar setting. I just happened to see this as an ad on my feed and checked it out and the accredited curriculum is the same my son used last school year so I knew it would work for my daughter. The experience so far has been wonderful and my daughter is enjoying learning. I also like the fact they have different tuition price ranges.” ~ Parent of a Kindergarten student.


“We’re only halfway through our first year with Strike Edu but we absolutely love our teacher. We not only meet once a week one on one virtually with our teacher but we also meet once a week with other students and the teacher as well which my child really loves because she’s made some friends. Our teacher offers us different ideas and tools such as fun games etc to help learn different subjects. The curriculum used is pretty self explanatory and has print out worksheets, songs, stories etc. I feel that my child is getting a good well rounded education with the curriculum used. They offer a range of tuition options as well. I would definitely recommend for other parents and children.” ~ Parent of a Kindergarten student.


“I believe that individuation is of the utmost importance in education and I love the way that it is offered in such a rich setting at Strike.  It seems like the ideal combination of support, structure and choice.” ~ Parent of a 3rd grade student.


“I never pictured homeschooling but with the added support it can be done…” ~ Parent of a 4th grade student.


“I highly recommend this school for those of you interest in at home remote learning who are in need of added support for your child. Strike EDU School has served my child well from day one of the very first phone call and talking with Shahla and going over my questions and concerns and being somewhat hesitant with this being a brand new school to the painless and quick enrollment process. I’ve now found the most wonderful, attentive and most supportive learning coach that we’ve been matched up with “Mrs. B” for the 2021-2022 school year. I’ve actually got to witness first hand the positive changes within my child who is enrolled with this school and the school year still has a good ways to go. My kiddo is thriving and is very happy!! The small shared classes with the other students have been great and my child enjoys as well as her several one on one sessions per week with the most wonderful Mrs. B and she is simply one of the absolute best!! 

I think the different tuitions available fit the needs of my family and so far are working out great for our budget. As a new school, my family is honored to take part in the opportunity of helping this school community blossom. We feel blessed to have found this as an option of added support for our needs. I’ve now found out that all of these people working at this school really seem to care wholeheartedly about the education needs of each child and are completely all about it being your child and your choice as for the educational needs of each student they work with. We plan to finish out the year with this wonderful school and see what happens from there. 

I’m happy with my decision to give this brand new school a chance without much information to go on when we first made contact. I look forward to possibly continuing on with this school well into the future.

Highly recommended!!” ~ Parent of a 4th grade student


“I am so thankful for Strike EDU. It’s what I’ve been looking for for so long!” ~ Parent of a 7th grade student.


“I love this program. Every teacher we get is great! Each one we get is better than the last. I can reach out at any time and get help and communication. I was totally scared when we started, but now I love it. It is the best thing we have ever done. We have no regrets.” ~ Parent of a 7th grade student


“I like the choice of not having to be in the public school system. I like the flexibility in time and place. I am glad it will be accredited and serves all grades. We get so many more courses than we got in the public school. Plus parents are so involved, while we were discouraged from participating in our previous school. The learning coaches add so much.” ~ Parent of a 10th grade student


“We are very thankful for this opportunity to be schooling with strike school. It’s a blessing for our kids well being.” ~ Parent of a 10th grade student.