Why Strike School?

Strike School Mission

Provide a variety of solutions for K-12 students and their families in a virtual school setting that is personal, flexible and effective.

Strike School Vision

Facilitate long term success for families with children learning in a nontraditional environment. 

Strike School serves families nationwide as children learn safely in their homes. To learn more, fill out our interest form.

Sources indicate that as many as 63% of students were homeschooling in the 20-21 school year and this trend is steadily increasing. Families need flexibility along with a variety of options.


Here’s what you will find at Strike School:

  • A personalized plan for each student for how they learn best and focused on the child’s interests

  • Highest quality teachers, each one serving as a Learning Coach to work alongside each student and family

  • Flexibility for when, how and what each child learns – school should work around your family’s schedule

  • Assessments to measure student progress

  • Options starting as low as $80 per month

  • A caring office staff to answer any questions with quick response times

  • The best online learning platform that is easy to use and meets national standards

  • Virtual school-wide events, including fun assemblies, spirit week and a celebration of learning

  • Participation in National School Choice Week

  • A digital yearbook published at the end of each school year

  • Official school records, including high school transcripts and a diploma upon graduation

  • A virtual, interactive graduation ceremony


Here is a preview of our orientation for the 22-23 school year. Come join us! We would love the opportunity to serve your family.