Why Strike School?


The goal of Strike School is to offer a variety of choices to parents and guardians in the education of their children. Strike School serves children and families in a way that is personal, flexible, and effective, reflecting each student’s family values. 

Overall success of students and families is our goal. Your student will have the ability to succeed as a result of the partnership between families and Strike School staff.

Strike School provides solutions for students and families who want choices in a private, virtual school setting. Depending on your needs, you may choose our robust online curriculum, or other curriculum you have purchased. Our teachers, who are assigned to students as Learning Coaches, can also work with you to develop customized curriculum for your child.

Our highly experienced staff and Professional Learning Coaches (teachers) will work closely with families online via Google Meet. Together we create an individual solution, unique to each child, that honors their specific gifts and needs. By aligning school and family values, students become encouraged, successful and happy. 

Our friendly and helpful staff has a long history of supporting children and families in a unique way with their educational experiences. Strike School’s Learning Coaches are here to guide your child’s specific learning journey. Parents can trust us to support them in a way that works best for them and their family’s schedule. 

Students will have the highest quality, extremely positive and robust learning experience, specifically designed for them. 


We offer the freedom to teach your child, aligning with your family’s values and goals.