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Can Virtual Schoolers Get Into College?

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While virtual schooling is gaining much popularity these days, many parents are asking this one question: Can my child get into college even after attending a virtual school? 

This is understandable, especially because many parents have gone the traditional route and virtual learning is new to them. While you may see this type of education as effective, you may wonder if colleges also see it the same way. 

Well, we’re here to provide the answers! 

If you’re wondering if your virtual learner can get accepted into college after finishing their high school courses, the answer is: 



Colleges welcome virtual schoolers with open arms in the application process! 


An online education can be as effective as (and even better than!) a traditional brick-and-mortar education, meaning that your child will have high chances of succeeding in the college world. 

Virtual schoolers also add diversity to the student population (which is ultimately the university’s goal) because they offer unique perspectives due to unique experiences in their online learning journey. 

While virtual schoolers have the ability to get into the college of their dreams, one thing to keep in the back of your mind as a parent or guardian is that universities look at the quality of your child’s education and the school they attended. 

Is the school accredited? What courses were taken and how will that knowledge carry over into their college career? How long has the school been around? How many parents send their children back to that school? 

Colleges look to answer questions such as these when considering applications. 


How To Use The Virtual Learning Experience for College Applications 

Virtual learning can be used as an advantage in the college application process…if used correctly. Here are a few tips on how to do just that: 

Explain the reason for engaging in virtual learning. Some colleges may ask why you’ve decided to go this route. There are several reasons why a family may choose to enroll their child in a virtual school. It can be because the family travels a lot, there are medical issues, the family lives in a remote area, the child is a student athlete, and so forth. Not only does this provide a reason as to why you chose online learning, but it also can show how your child’s experiences shaped them as a person. 

Discuss any unique coursework. Many virtual schools (like Strike School!) offer unique electives like coding, career readiness courses, and more. Highlight that in the application! This is a great opportunity to explain how these courses prepare your child not just for college but also for life beyond. 


In closing, colleges do consider accepting students who have attended a virtual school, especially if the school is accredited

The good news is that you don’t have to look any further for an accredited virtual school for your child! We’re both accredited and NCAA approved!

Our accreditation from Cognia serves as a valuable mark of distinction that is recognized globally and indicates that we maintain extremely high standards for our academics. Our courses are also approved for student athletes meaning that those who participate in rigorous sports can still gain a quality education from us. 

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