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Debunking 2 of The Biggest Homeschooling/Virtual Schooling Myths 

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While different forms of nontraditional education, like homeschooling and virtual schooling, are gaining popularity nowadays, there are still those who question their validity, especially parents and guardians who grew up with the traditional schooling route. They may have a hard time visualizing success for their children if they’re homeschooled or attend a virtual school. 

This is understandable; it’s new terrain and completely unknown to them. However, many families choose to totally disregard nontraditional education without even giving it a try. Why? There are several myths that circulate in conversations, causing many families to steer away from them. 

So today, we’re debunking two of the biggest homeschooling/virtual schooling myths. Let’s take a look: 


“Kids are stuck at home all of the time.”

This myth isn’t necessarily the case. 

For the most part, whoever is educating the child and the child him or herself are in control of where the learning takes place. There are several options to choose from, such as the library, bookstore, park, cafe, you name it!

Students are not necessarily confined to one area, especially when there is a big world out there to learn from. You can even provide a lesson or two just from being outside of the home! 

On top of that, there are other activities that bring children outside of the home, such as for break time or extracurriculars. Just because the child attends school online or is homeschooled, that doesn’t mean that they’re stuck inside of their homes 24/7. 


“Homeschoolers don’t go to college.” 

Wrong. In fact, colleges are actively recruiting homeschoolers. 

Why? A homeschool education can be just as good as (and sometimes even better than!) a traditional education. Additionally, more and more colleges are looking for unique perspectives and different backgrounds to make up their student population. Homeschoolers offer those two things simply because of their unique educational experiences. 

While families have chosen the nontraditional path for their child’s education, sometimes the children decide to take the traditional route in their later years. It’s ultimately up to their situation and perspective on education.


There are many other myths out there, such as students lacking socialization or nontraditional education not being a “real education”.

The truth is homeschooling and virtual schooling are what you and your family make of them. While this type of education looks different for everyone, many families go above and beyond in their child’s education to ensure that they succeed in life.  

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