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How Can Kids Socialize While Attending Virtual School?

How Can Kids Socialize While Attending Virtual School?

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When thinking of children socializing in school, we often envision children playing together at recess, talking to each other during class, and hanging out after school. But it’s extremely different in a virtual setting; students are attending school from their bedrooms and are most likely not physically surrounded by their peers. 

Because of this, many parents and guardians assume that there are very limited opportunities for online learners to socialize and build friendships with others, but the truth is…social interaction can happen anywhere! Here are 3 ways online learners can establish friendships and relationships outside of school:


Attend Field Trips 

There are so many ways to learn by incorporating the world around you, and taking field trips is one of the best ways to explore this concept. These can include trips to an art museum, a local zoo, or a historical monument. 

Field trips offer time away from the laptop and time present in the real world. They also provide a clever way to interact with others in an informal setting. You can even connect with other families in your local community and take field trips together! Your child will be able to connect with his or her peers and make new friends who also live in the neighborhood. 


Go To Camps During Breaks 

Over summer and winter breaks, think about signing your child up for a camp. This can be based on their interests, such as a sport, an art, their favorite school subject, or just a general camp that explores different types of activities. 

This can reduce their screen time, give them a chance to meet other children who have the same interests as them, and help them learn from their adult role models. Furthermore, in camps, there are a multitude of team-building activities, such as group scavenger hunts and field days that help children interact with each other and form friendships! 


Join a Local Youth Group 

Remember the days of Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts? 

Well, those are still popular to date! Think about having your child join one of these youth groups or any others that are available in your community. 

Not only will your child learn to work with others, but they will also develop their leadership skills and strengthen their personal and interpersonal skills. Participating in smaller groups can also help them form even deeper connections. 



Socialization is an important part of a child’s development, and it’s imperative that they experience forming relationships with others. Children don’t have to be in a physical classroom setting to interact with others; there are so many creative ways to get them socializing online and offline. 

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