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2 Tips To Make You a Happy and Confident Homeschool Mom

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Let’s face the facts: Homeschooling can be hard. 

This is especially true if you’re homeschooling multiple children and/or working while homeschooling. 

There are many advantages to this type of education, however, we understand that it can feel a little overwhelming at times. Fulfilling household duties and work obligations while managing your child’s education requires much time and dedication. 

But with the right support (which includes us!), effective planning, and an open mind, it can be done. So, if you’re a mom who is also homeschooling your child or children, we have some advice to make the experience as seamless and awesome as possible. 

Let’s take a look: 


Start Small 

One of the easiest ways to burn out in your homeschooling journey is by going too fast in the beginning. This can look like starting out with 5 subjects instead of 2 or 3 or trying to pack in as much learning as possible within the ‘school day’ to have weekends off (similar to a traditional school structure). 

However, we believe that it’s best to start slowly with simpler tasks and practice patience. It can take some time to get into the groove of things and to understand what works best for you and your child. 

Starting small also allows you to build a solid foundation for future learning habits and your tolerance so that you can take on more challenging work in the future. 

There are many styles and methods to homeschool your child, so allow yourself to go easy (especially in the beginning) and enjoy the process. 


Get Dad Involved 

Who says Dad can’t get in on the homeschooling fun as well? 

 A 2020 survey from the UCL (University College London) Centre for Longitudinal Studies showed that during the lockdown, in the UK, 64% of mothers homeschooled their children on weekdays versus 49% of fathers. Also, women tended to invest 1.5 more hours than men in homeschooling daily. 

We believe that both parents should be actively involved in their child’s education. Whether one parent takes on the education during the day and switches out with the other in the evening or one parent takes a set amount of the days during the week and the other gets the other half, there are ways for both parents to take part. 

This can provide a well-rounded experience and different perspectives for your child, allowing his or her mind to open.


All in all, homeschooling can be overwhelming, but it’s not impossible. It’s a learning process for both the child and the parent, allowing both parties to experience new things and open their eyes to new opportunities. 

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