Learning Coaches - Certified Teachers

Kaitlyn Burge

Mrs. Burge

Learning Coach K - 5th

Email: kaitlynb@strikeschool.org

Kaitlyn Burge has a passion for teaching and helping students become successful learners. She graduated from Washington State University of Vancouver with her Bachelor’s in Elementary Education in 2018. She decided to continue her education and work part-time as a substitute teacher. Kaitlyn graduated from Concordia University with her Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction with an Endorsement in Reading Intervention in 2020. Over the past three years, Kaitlyn has been working as a substitute teacher for four different school districts. She has also been working as a tutor to help students grow academically. She really enjoys working with the elementary grades.

Kaitlyn has been married for six years to her husband Josh and they have a baby girl who will be turning one in October 2021. They also have a girl husky named Kenai. Kaitlyn loves to be creative. She has experience designing and implementing her own lesson plans and materials into lessons to reach her students who have different learning styles. She is passionate about teaching because she wants her students to feel cared for, supported, encouraged, and successful.

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Mrs. Clark

Learning Coach K - 8th

Email: elysec@strikeschool.org

Elyse Clark has a passion for personalized learning and helping ALL students surpass their goals. Elyse is beginning her 13th year as an educator. During this time she has served students of all levels and others who possess unique exceptionalities. She has a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education from Coastal Carolina University and a MA in Educational Leadership from the University of West Florida. On top of this, she also holds endorsements in Reading, ESOL, and Gifted Education. Elyse believes that every child will be successful if they are supported in the right way. As a result, she strives to be innovative and personalize her support to best meet the needs of each child and family. She has experience designing and modifying curriculum to meet the needs of all learning styles and ability levels. She believes learning should be fun and has also developed many project-based learning projects/ hands-on activities. Students must make connections between what they are learning and their everyday life and she prides herself on making this possible for those she supports. She is passionate about helping others find a love for learning and believes that this starts with developing relationships with each child and their family. Once the child knows that he/she is safe, respected, and supported the possibilities are limitless. 

Elyse has a husband and three boys at home. When she is not teaching, she is spending her time making memories with them. Her children have helped her see education from many new angles and have opened her eyes to many new and exciting ways to get others interested in learning or attempting tasks that appear difficult at first.

Michelle Glick

Ms. Glick

Wellness Coach K - 12th

Email: michelleg@strikeschool.org

Michelle has over 20 years of experience running and teaching wellness programs for students of all ages including exercise, nutrition, SEL, stretching, and much more. Starting from childhood, she has always had a passion for fitness and sports and loves teaching students about the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.

Michelle has a Bachelors in Sociology, studied & lived in London during part of her college years (She loved/loves London!), CPR/First Aid training, Certified Children’s Fitness Specialist and earned an A+ in humor!

Michelle always says the best part of teaching is seeing the smiles on students’ faces, hearing the laughter & witnessing the pride students feel as they learn to make their own healthy choices.

Strike profile pic - Paige Jackson

Mrs. Jackson

Learning Coach 8th - 12th

Email: paigej@strikeschool.org

Paige has been teaching middle and high school mathematics since 1997. Paige earned her BS in Mathematics Education from the University of South Florida in 1996 and holds a Florida-certified educator’s certification in grades 6 through 12. She spent the first half of her teaching career working in public and private secondary schools local to her hometown of Brandon, Florida. Paige began the online portion of her teaching career in 2013 when she and her son left the local private school and began their homeschooling journey.

Paige has spent the last ten years both tutoring and teaching high school math online. She has a love for the high school level math courses that allow her to explain the curriculum in an easy-to-understand and engaging manner. Paige believes that any family can homeschool all the way through high school regardless of their circumstances and she has been blessed to be a part of that journey for many of the homeschooling families in her area.

When she is not teaching online, Paige and her husband enjoy traveling around our beautiful country. She also enjoys going to see movies with her son, reading, and coffee dates with friends.

Greg - Greg Mauro

Mr. Mauro

Learning Coach K - 12th

Email: gregm@strikeschool.org

Greg Mauro is a passionate educator who strives to help students discover their spark.  He graduated from Santa Clara University with a Bachelor of Science in Anthropology with a Human Services Certificate in 1996.  He then went on to earn his Multiple Subject Teaching Credential from National University in 1998.  Greg has worked with children and teens for over twenty years as a classroom teacher, independent studies teacher, and youth ministry director, and homeschooled two of his own children for a time.   

Greg lives in Central California with his wife and two stepdaughters.  When he is not teaching, he is involved in Toastmasters International and serves in various leadership positions.  He also is a life-long professional wrestling fan and enjoys any opportunity he has to be at the ocean.


Ms. Prado

Learning Coach 4th - 12th

Email: jessicap@strikeschool.org

Based in San Antonio, TX, Ms. Prado is best known for her love of family and teaching science. Ms. Prado earned her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Biology and went on to get a Master’s of Art degree in Education from the University of Texas at San Antonio. She has been teaching students from the elementary grade level to the university level for the past 15 years. While she loves teaching all students; however, middle school students have a super special place in her heart. Ms. Prado believes that ALL students can learn. She has worked with a variety of students from science lovers to GT students to English Language Learners and everyone in between. Therefore, Ms. Prado’s teaching style is very eclectic. She has created student-centered lessons and practiced teaching methods utilizing kinesthetics, project based learning as well as practical application assessments. 

When she isn’t busy learning about or teaching science, you can find her spending time with family, watching movies or reading. Ms. Prado has a daughter in college and a fur baby named Marcus. The three of them travel when they can and enjoy relaxing at home whenever possible.


Ms. Thompson

Learning Coach 6th - 12th

Email: allisont@strikeschool.org

Allison Thompson is a passionate, fun, outgoing, and creative educator. She graduated from Michigan State University with a Bachelor degree in History. Prior to becoming a teacher, Allison worked as a tour guide on the Battleship Missouri in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. She taught middle school Social Studies and ELA and earned her Master’s of Arts in Educational Technology. Allison adores teaching all students, but middle schoolers have her heart. She loves their energy, passion, and inquisitive nature about everything. 

Outside of teaching, Allison is very active and loves to lift weights and go for walks. She has been married to her husband Joe for almost four years and they have a very cuddly – and lazy – cat named Miguel. Allison enjoys reading and traveling and loves to share her passions with her students and co-workers.


Ms. Vela

Learning Coach K - 12th

Email: daniellev@strikeschool.org

Danielle is a dedicated and passionate educator who has been serving students for over 10 years. She graduated from California State University, Fullerton where she received her Bachelor’s in Communication Studies and also her Multiple Subject Teaching Credential. She furthered her education by completing her Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction. She taught Kindergarten for 3 years and then made a jump to working with 9th-12th grades. No matter the age, Danielle loves connecting with all students and helping them find their passions and interests.

When Danielle is not teaching, she is usually utilizing her Holistic Health Practitioner Licenses to help others find physical and emotional imbalances in the body to help them achieve their optimal health. She has a large passion for health and wellness, working out, traveling, and spending quality time with family and friends.

Young - photo - Dianetta Young

Ms. Young

Learning Coach 2nd - 10th

Email: dianettay@strikeschool.org

Dianetta is a passionate educator who loves connecting and building positive relationships with students of all ages.  Dianetta completed undergraduate and graduate degree programs at Southern University and A & M College in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  She completed an undergraduate degree in Biology and General Science and a Master of Education in Educational Leadership.  

Dianetta began her teaching career as a high school physical science, biology, and chemistry teacher.  After many successful years as a classroom teacher, Dianetta began her journey as an elementary and middle school administrator, serving as a principal for eight years.

Dianetta loves spending time with family and friends, serving others, and visiting one of her favorite cities in her home state- New Orleans! 


Jay Hockensmith

Jay Hockensmith

Director of Operations

Email: jayh@strikeschool.org

I started preschool at Portland’s “Friendly House” community center in NW Portland. My mother was always very actively involved with parent/student activities with the intent to ensure I had the proper guidance and the best of resources. I then attended a K-8 school, where the teachers and parents were well connected which involved scouting, bowling, 4H etc. I felt very fortunate to have teachers who cared and coached me as an individual, where I excelled and maintained a near perfect grade point average.

High school was a different experience. During my first week of school I was picked on mentally and physically by a gang of troubled students, there was little to no school security, and eventually I had to defend myself. As a result I became labeled and rejected by the administration, teachers and counselors. Over time, I lost focus and interest, became bored with grade level content and lack of learning opportunities. Most of my peers were several grades ahead of me. I felt like I was that square peg being forced into a round hole, where the end result was failure. I was let down by my school as well as many other students around me. During my teenage years to my early twenties, I became full of mischief and lived hard lifestyle.

At the age of 23, I was fortunate enough to recognize a fork in the road presented in front of me where an opportunity arose. I knew I needed something better for myself and I wanted a successful life and career. With a the luck of the draw I made a correct decision that led me with the ability to utilize my talents through my future years of business successes and quality choices. I as well became highly successful in extreme sports with world record accomplishments.

In 2019, in the initial conversations when Shahla and I first met, I learned about the school she worked for, River HomeLink. I remember being utterly amazed that there was actually a public school that had the interest of the students and parents truly at heart with personalized learning programs and parent/teacher involvement with the learning plan. It was hard to digest because I had never seen this offered in a public school setting. I then became familiar with the staff Shahla worked with and the school’s principal through different events and gatherings. I was then invited by the principal for a comprehensive two-hour tour to see what the school was about.

In 2020, I attended the WALA (Washington Association for Learning Alternatives) conference with Shahla. There, I learned so much more about how schools can do things differently to serve children and families.

Now is when the story about Strike starts to come together! First of all, know that I’m in tears writing this as I do each and every time I tell this story. The scars from my youth relating to my failure in school due to a broken system were opened wide, and it’s very painful. I had buried and hid them away for years. I questioned why didn’t I and all the other children have this wonderful opportunity? Why doesn’t the public system offer more of this and model their system after similar practices which provide personalized educational plans utilizing the gifts and talents of the student along with direct parent involvement? Why are schools continuing to force a square peg in a round hole when there are many different needs and ways to learn that can be much more effective? These families and students are happy, thriving and highly successful within their educational experiences and their teachers and staff are fulfilling their dream of truly serving families.

Strike School has taken this method of learning to another level by offering a variety of options and an even more individualized approach to each student’s learning plan. It’s YOUR child and YOUR choice.

Strike School’s Learning Coaches are the very best out there; they work by your side to help you and your child with the best learning plan available today all while providing the strongest and most effective means of support throughout your journey.

I look back and wonder how different things might have been for me if I had a fulfilled educational journey. I always wonder how many adults walking around out there had a very similar, hurtful and life changing experience as I did, where their story ended up in tragedy, needlessly, when proper guidance in school would have made all the difference.

Strike School is here to make a difference. As a founder and director of Strike School, it is my privilege, from the heart, to use my experiences to lead and serve our students, families and staff in a way that provides the highest level of support to positively impact their lives forever.

Shahla Lodhie

Shahla Lodhie

Director of Enrollment

Email: shahla@strikeschool.org

I began my own educational journey in Los Angeles, CA. Since we seemed eager to learn and ready for school at age four, my parents decided that they would send my twin brother and me to private school. The school I was privileged to attend for grades K-8, was exceptional, overall. I know this because after my family relocated to Oregon, I attended the local public high school and found myself bored and uninterested.

In 1999, I was faced with an educational decision for my own children. I had four littles, with my oldest two in 2nd grade and kindergarten at a local public school in Washington. There came a moment when I realized that, despite the efforts of quality teachers, this school was not able to really get to know my children to serve their individual needs, and the school was not necessarily willing to honor my family values. I withdrew my children from public school and began to homeschool. I was very fortunate to learn about an alternative school in my area I could partner with as I taught my children, and this experience led to the development of many quality, lasting relationships and a learning journey for my family that focused on my children’s individual needs, while honoring my family values. This was the best decision I ever made as a parent. These were MY children, and their education was MY choice.

I spent several years volunteering at the school and eventually began working there in 2008. I continued my work at River HomeLink until August, 2021, serving as their ALE K-12 Registrar. This provided me the opportunity to serve children, families and staff members, year after year, in a meaningful way. I gained experience in managing and overseeing enrollment and school records. I enjoyed my time training other staff at my school and school district.

In 2017, I became involved with WALA (Washington Association for Learning Alternatives) Washington Alternative Learning Association, presenting “Streamlining Your Internal Processes” with other team members. We presented at this statewide conference to teachers and administrators and the cry for help from school districts over the years eventually turned into Strike Streamlining. Our team of Google certified folks are now serving multiple school districts, using Google tools to streamline their internal processes.
In 2020, I was awarded “Friend of WALA” at the annual spring conference, for my years of volunteer work, supporting the director and WALA’s mission.

Currently, Strike Services has presented at a national conference in this same manner, representing Strike School and Strike Streamlining.
On my own journey as a parent and a school staff member, I have experienced firsthand the core of what parents and guardians face where it comes to the education of their children. As a founder and director of Strike School, my mission is to serve children and families well by giving each parent/guardian the opportunity to make THEIR choice for THEIR child, which honors their family values.

Rachel Warndahl

Rachel Warndahl

Administrative Assistant

Email: rachelw@strikeschool.org

Rachel works mostly behind the scenes here at Strike. She enjoys finding opportunities to make tasks easier and processes more efficient!

Rachel is current studying Human Resource Management and is passionate about finding ways to make our team run as smoothly as possible!

IMG_20200408_205255_401 (2) - India Lott (1)

India Lott

Social Media Management

Email: indial@strikeschool.org

India has over 6 years of experience in social media management and marketing and is working hard to build and manage the online presence of Strike Services.

She is currently majoring in Entrepreneurship and is passionate about music and traveling the world!


John Masterson

Website Specialist

Email: johnm@strikewebservices.com

John’s passion for content creation began in high school when he became the webmaster for the school district. He continued to work on various website projects through college while taking classes in graphics design and computer science to enhance his other skills. After college, John went to work in various industries and was always able to apply his content creator background for continued success throughout these industries. In John’s most recent position, he was responsible for the branding and marketing of a small business in the electric utility industry.

Outside of work, John loves to spend time with his wife Alexandra, daughter Francesca, and dogs Roxy and Luca. He also enjoys short trips and a great donut.